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Erin Bodnar founded her interiors firm, EEB Interiors, in 2007 to collaborate with several of the industry’s foremost professionals, draw upon her experience with fine furniture, art and architecture, and to create spaces with unparalleled elegance and unique flair.


EEB Interiors caters to a wide range of discerning clientele, with residential, corporate and commercial projects, and is renowned for their unprecedented quality of design, meticulous attention to detail, as well as adhering to the very highest standards of professional integrity. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our projects and our ability to transform spaces utilizing a juxtaposition of both contemporary and traditional design elements.


EEB’s designs adhere to the modernist principles: balancing scale, texture, shape, color and function. Each project is a unique and personal process and our goal is to create a space that reflects the client’s needs, individual tastes, and personal aspirations. 





Erin Bodnar received a bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Notre Dame, as well as completed her directed study in metal sculpture. Following a year studying art and architecture in Europe (while based in Rome, Italy), Erin became inspired by the ideology of urban landscapes and moved to Chicago, Illinois. After several years studying and practicing architecture, Erin realized her true passion - interior design. 


Integrating her unique artistic and architectural skills as an interior and furniture designer for one of Chicago’s top Interior and Architectural Design Firms, Erin created several award-winning and celebrated residential and commercial spaces.

Throughout the years, EEB Interiors has worked on countless projects in the Chicagoland area as well as a number of projects in California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, Canada, the United Kingdom, and various other national and international locations.  The continued design demand from our clients in Texas, led EEB Interiors to expand and open a second design office in Dallas. Our architectural background and passion for interior design allows us to create memorable and inspired spaces for each of our clients. 

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